Leather Jackets For Men

Leather jacket are timeless pieces of clothing and can add value to any man’s wardrobe. They are never out of fashion.

Styles of Leather Jackets for Men:

A leather jacket is a great way to express your personal style. Here is a list of some popular styles of leather jackets for men:

The Perfecto:

The ‘Perfecto’ is a style of leather jackets that was created in 1928 by Irving Schott bikers to dress for their trips to Long Island on their Harley Davidsons. This is a leather jacket that has a funnel shaped neckline that gives you the image of a rough and tough bad boy. It symbolizes masculinity.

The Collar jacket:

This jacket is designed to be worn with an open collar. It is asymmetrical, with a huge silk lining and has a casual look that goes well with T-shirts or sweaters along with sneakers. If the closure is straight and has no frills lining you can try it with a dress shirt and a classic cardigan. The contrast of style will be enough to be noticed but not ridiculous. You can also wear it with raw denim and boots.

The Collar Shirt jacket:

It is the most versatile of all the styles of jackets because you can scan the spectrum from formal to casual. They can be worn with an open shirt and it also fits perfectly with a basic shirt, V-neck sweater or a cardigan and denim. They also have the famous zip sleeves, leaving the choice to be worn fit or loose. Most of them offer you a few pockets.
Biker jacket with a straight collar: It is a variation of the bomber with a stiff collar and a dangling tongue. It would be like wearing a military jacket with a Hawaiian shirt.There are exceptions (with a neck that is straight, for example) but they are most often better worn with t-shirts and round neck sweaters.

Quality of leather:

Before buying a leather jacket it is essential to know about the quality of leather materials, their specialties and of course their prices. The leathers used for making leather jackets are primarily lamb, cow and buffalo.

Lamb leather is very thin, very flexible and often considered the most beautiful. It allows you to create the most elegant leather jackets that embrace the body. But it is also the most fragile leather.

Cowhide is less fine, but its appearance is smooth, and it is flexible and durable. After tanning it may resemble buffalo leather.

Buffalo leather has a touch of thicker grains. The leather is stiffer but also more durable. It has interesting properties that make it perfect for everyday use.

Caring for leather:

An expensive and elegant version of jacket might require a little maintenance. Do the following for long life of your jacket:

  • Keep your leather jacket in padded shouldered suspension.
  • Take the jacket to the dry cleaner to get the spots removed.
  • The leather should not get wet, as that reduces the natural oils present in it. But if it gets wet, let it dry naturally away from direct heat.
  • If the leather seems to be losing its sheen, oil it to improve its appearance. This supplements the natural oils in the leather itself. Frequent oiling of leather will keep leather flexible and boost its longevity.

Practical Uses of a Mans Leather Jacket:

The popularity of leather jackets for men bares testimony to the fact that they are very useful to indeed. Following are most important uses of a leather jacket:

  • A leather jacket prevents intrusion of air inside thus keeping you protected against cold and other effects of wind that are undesirable. The material used has certain warming properties too that assist in maintaining the body temperature.
  • To an extent, leather motorcycle jackets are waterproof, however, it is recommended to wear a raincoat over a jacket in the event of rain. If the leather gets wet, it can lose its luster due to depletion of natural oils.
  • Leather jackets are also widely used for their protection value, especially by bikers. Leather jackets come in different designs that ensure a riders safety by padding the parts of the jacket that are most likely to impact the ground in case of an accident. In most jackets, the shoulders and back area is removable and can be worn as and when required. The material that the protective parts are made of can be Styrofoam, carbon fiber or leather.
  • And of course leather jackets make a bold and strong fashion statement that all men desire!

I am sure this much knowledge will provide you a fair idea about leather jackets for men and you will be able to make a wise and more informed decision on which jacket to buy when you go to a store next time.

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